Epic trailer - Troy

This is Jim's take on the movie trailer for "Troy."

Fantasy - Lady in the Water

Here is a fantasy cue by Jim on "Lady in the Water."

Trivago Miami spot

Jim’s music for the Trivago spot “Miami"

Moderate Action - Bulletproof Monk deleted scene

Here is Jim's cue from a medium action deleted scene in "Bulletproof Monk."

Slow drama - Atonement

Here is Jim's slow drama cue on "Atonement."

Adventure - Atlantis deleted scene

This is Jim's music on a deleted scene from "Atlantis."

Tragedy - Akeelah and the Bee

Here is Jim's tragedy cue for "Akeelah and the Bee."

Battle - Iron Man ambush scene

Here is a battle cue Jim wrote for "Iron Man."

Romantic ballad - Sense and Sensibility deleted scene

Here is a love theme Jim wrote for the movie "Sense and Sensibility."

This is a 30-second loop, designed for use in video games or other adaptive music. It has a bright, inquisitive feel with a jazz influence. There are 2 variations, with transitions between them.

Comedy - Raising Helen

Here is a comedy cue by Jim for the movie "Raising Helen." Jim's music starts at 2:04; the source music at the beginning is by Harry Connick, Jr.

Horror - House of Usher

This is Jim's horror cue for "House of Usher."

Heroic Ballad - Iron Man

This is Jim's heroic ballad cue for "Iron Man."

This is a 1-minute combat loop for use in video games or other media needing adaptive music.

This is a 1-minute loop, written for a video game or other visuals that need adaptive music. It has a heavy combat feel.

This is an ambient background music loop for video game or other adaptive media.