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Wah-Wah Wednesday is back! 

Hey all, 

I had a busy week last week, including an in-person live-looping solo show here in New Jersey, getting my bivalent covid booster, and lots of family activities. It’s nice to come up for air a bit between tours! But I haven’t forgotten about you, my friends here on Patreon! 

On Wednesday, Feb. 8 at 1pm Eastern time, Wah-Wah Wednesday is back! Come join me as I make some tunes and probably tell some bad jokes. Hope to see you then!

Hello, Cleveland! 

Well hey there! I'm officially on the road and enjoying the tour life. I get to play with an awesome band and an amazing cast and crew each night, and our show is enjoyed by SUPER-enthusiastic crowds. I'm sharing a few pictures above, and a couple clips of my first morning on tour and my first evening at the theater. Enjoy! 

ALSO!!! I am going to try and stream from my hotel room tomorrow afternoon at 1pm Eastern. We'll see how it goes, hope to see you there.

3 streams this week! 

It's a busy week! 

First off, tomorrow 10/26 at 6pm ET, it's a special Wah Wah Wednesday, where I'll be trying out something called Stretto which will allow the chat to pick my background in real time! Should be kinda fun... 

Then I'll be joining two raid trains - the first one is on Thursday 10/27 around 6:15pm ET, when I'll be part of the JazzOn Raid Train - see the flyer attached for the whole schedule, and consider checking out the other great musicians participating! 

Finally, on Saturday 10/29 at 2pm ET, I'll be joining The Cultural Exchange, a global raid train hosted by SaxDragon. 

Apart from that, I'm working on another YouTube video to close out October, and I've got several gigs too. 

Hope all is well in your corner of the world, and to see you soon!

Livestream this week 

Hey all! It's the return of Wah Wah Wednesday! I'll be online around 6pm Eastern on 10/12. 

It's possible I'll have a daytime pop-up stream as well sometime this week, depending on how the rest of my projects are coming along. I'm working on an original tune to hopefully put on YouTube this week. I also have the full Circus Smirkus soundtrack album to finish making and share, plus a weekend full of gigs. So... we'll see. 

In any case, I hope to see you on Wednesday!