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Livestream ep. 208 - last normal stream for a while! 

Hey friends! 

I'm looking ahead at the calendar and realizing that because of family plans, live gigs, and my composing job for Circus Smirkus, this is going to be the last regularly scheduled stream that I can do until at least July! I'm thinking about doing a studio tear-down stream in mid-June before we move 3.5 miles down the road to a new home (and new studio location). Maybe I'll do a studio rebuild stream too from the new place. More details on that as it gets closer, but in the meantime, let's enjoy one last jam!

StreamS this week! 

I've been a little quiet on Twitch recently... But NOT THIS WEEK!! 

Tomorrow (5/25) at 6pm ET, it's Wah-Wah Wednesday 

Saturday (5/28) at 3:30pm ET, join me for SaxDragon's The Cultural Exchange! (see the full lineup here - it's a terrific music event that SaxDragon generously and regularly hosts!) 


Sunday (5/29) at 3pm ET, Sunday Funday is BACK! 

Come hang out at - hope to see you there!

Livestream this week! 

This week's schedule looks an awful lot like last week's schedule! 

It'll just be Wednesday again at 6pm ET, at as always. 

Sunday I'm not planning to stream as I've got a rehearsal that afternoon with the Garden State Jazz Orchestra, getting ready to play on 5/26 with the fantastic Alexa Tarantino who is their featured guest soloist. That should be a pretty great gig! 

Hope to see you for wah-wah Wednesday!